Whack-A-Monty 0.1b

Whack those moles


  • Mario graphics and gameplay


  • Will destroy your wrist

Very good

If you don't know about Whack-A-Monty then the chances are you've not been playing enough New Super Mario Bros because it seems that anyone who's gone near the game has left with a very wobbly wrist and a serious addiction.

Whack-A-Monty is one of the minigames available in New Super Mario Bros which features Monty Mole and Luigi popping up from holes in the grass.

Your objective is to squash all the moles that poke their heads out of the soil. The more you hit the more time you get to hit more, hence the very addictive nature of the game.

But if you hit Luigi's head, which looks dangerously similar to Monty because of his moustache, you lose time. The graphics and sounds are exactly as you'd expect from the Mario boys.

There are multiple holes in the ground with either Monty Moles or Luigi inside. If you hit a Monty Mole, you'll gain more time and points. If you hit Luigi, you'll loose times.

This game is based on the New Super Mario Brothers mini-game called Whack-A-Monty (from the Nintendo DS). All of the graphics are from the original game.



Whack-A-Monty 0.1b

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